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Team Viewer *Team Viewer* Team Viewer

I said it three times because I like it so much!

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Team Viewer gets the utterly coveted…

5 Utter Cash Cow Award, (better than five stars because you get something out of an Utter nothing out of a star)

Team viewer is a tool, an application/software that allows you to remotely access your friends, family or client’s computer screen anywhere in the world! It is amazing and it works flawlessly ( as long as your internet connection is intact and Team viewer working) Team viewer has changed the way I do business.

I’m able to work with my partner in Ireland every morning at 4 AM; I’m in California, so my partner is 8 hours ahead. We can see the same things at the same time. I can make changes to the site, a conference on building pages, share online, on screen projects in real time. Team Viewer is simply amazing, truly amazing.


I hope you enjoy and use Team Viewer and that it improves your communication and business and of course your life. I do not make any money from referring this to you; It is a gift from me to you.

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Keeping It Real


When I started Cash Cow Internet Marketing, I had an idea to keep it real. To me keeping it real means being honest and doing my best to offer real life experiences with the process of creating an internet business. It has led me to spend thousands of dollars for worthless tools tricks hyped by sellers using every means possible to get you to buy. Baby’s, puppies, family pictures, little old ladies, you name it, people will use it if they think it will get you to buy.

I always hated this kind of manipulation. In this sea of information with sellers misinformation to get your money. Many times stealing from folks in desperation looking to improve their lives, by becoming independent and resourceful. Seeking to learn how to make money on the internet.

So from my commitment to respect your time, effort and resourcefulness I am giving you what I feel are the very best I have found on the internet in the form of tools, techniques, and information.

It’s easy to recommend the most expensive products if the user has a fat wallet but if you like me with a limited budget and time to make something happen then these over priced products are not even possible for you to buy. I admit that some tools and products I recommend will not be the cheapest or free because there are certain things that I have a firm belief about because of the importance of security and tech support so for instance web hosting is a big deal to me, not cheap or free servers because you will need quality tech support and a safe and secure server.

So enough about that as I wax on… I will wax off, ( Karate Kid) and get to the point of this post and that is to give you something useful and valuable that will improve your life, work, and business.




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